Build customer
Velocare service plan

What is Velocare

Velocare is an extended service agreement that provides your customers with a worry-free bicycle ownership experience and covers the bicycle’s parts* for wear and tear caused by normal recreational riding.

It’s easy: if a part on the bike wears out, the Velocare plan will pay to have it repaired or replaced at no cost to the customer. Velocare pays for parts and labor. *Excludes tires, tubes, brake pads, and batteries.

Benefit to the bike shop

Velocare is a profit center that builds customer loyalty. Customers will return to your shop for service when covered parts and accessories need repair or replacement. There is no cost to the Velocare customer and that brings the customer into the store more frequently. As a service provider, your shop sells more parts and labor.

Become a sales location

Velocare is actively looking for sales locations. If you're a bike shop owner interested in offering Velocare to your customers, please submit this form or reach out to us at 760-313-3393.