Can my bike be serviced by an out-of-network bike shop?

Yes, these are the steps that must be taken in order to receive a reimbursement when working with a dealer outside of the Velocare service center network:   Take your bike into your local or preferred shop and request a repair estimate. Submit the repair estimate to support@velocare.com and we...

What is the value of my Velocare policy?

Whether you purchase a 3 or 5 year plan, Velocare will reimburse claims during that time up the original purchase price of your bike.

Does Velocare cover E-bikes?

Yes. Velocare covers everything on an E-bike that is covered on a regular bicycle, including the motor, wiring system, and control panel. Velocare does not cover batteries or the charging system.

Does Velocare cover labor cost on parts replaced under manufacturer's warranty?

No, labor on parts covered by manufacturer's warranty must be covered by the bicycle owner. Velocare will cover labor on parts that are out of manufacturer's warranty and are covered by Velocare.

How do I make a claim for service?

Take your bike to your local Velocare service center and they will take care of everything for you. If you need help selecting a service location, you can contact customer service at info@velocare.com or call us at 786-305-6214 (Business hours: Monday-Friday 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM EST/EDT).

What happens if I want to cancel my Velocare plan?

Visit your Velocare dealer to request a cancellation and pro-rated reimbursement. If you encounter any issues or questions please don’t hesitate to call your Velocare representative at 786-305-6214 or email support@velocare.com.

I want to upgrade the part that wore out, how do I go about that?

Velocare will provide reimbursement value equivalent to the original worn out part. Any upgrades and extended cost must be worked out with your authorized Velocare dealer.

Can I get my bike serviced at any Velocare location or just the dealer I purchased it from?

Your bike can be serviced by any Velocare service location, however, if the plan owner is in an area where there are no Velocare dealers, please see our FAQ question on how to get your bike repaired out of network.  

What isn't covered by my Velocare policy?

Velocare does not cover tires, tubes, brake pads, batteries, or any claims within the first 90 days of ownership. Also no claims may be made on issues due to accidental damage or lack of maintenance. Issues relating to rust or corrosion are also excluded from coverage. Frames are always covered by...

Can I transfer my Velocare to a new owner?

Yes, the seller has 15 days to provide Velocare with the information of the new owner. Email all contact information (Full Name, Phone Number, Email, and Home Address) for the new owner to support@velocare.com.